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Coronavirus Guide For Business Owners

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Here is a extract from Employsure in regards to employers obligations. If you require further clarity, please contact Employsure on 1300 651 415 or visit

Townsville Accounting has chosen to share this information due to amount of employer inquiries we have received in regards to their obligations during this time.

What are my obligations if an employee must self-quarantine?

If you have an employee who meets the high risk criteria the employee will most likely have to self-quarantine. If an employee is unable to attend work as a result, the employee can be asked to use their sick leave or, if possible,work from home.

If an employee runs out of their paid leave entitlements, employers do not have an obligation to continue paying the employee –but, of course, may choose to do so if they wish.

Make sure to check the applicable Modern Award, Enterprise Bargaining Agreement or contract of the employee to see if you have any further obligations (such as, additional leave or ability to agree to leave in advance).

It is recommended that employers utilize their right to request a medical clearance from a health professional before the employee returns to work to both ascertain that an employee is free of the virus, and that they are safe to return.

In the unfortunate case that an employee is infected by the coronavirus, it is recommended for employers to follow normal sick leave and long-term illness policies and procedures.